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Benefits of steaming natural hair

Does your hair always feel dry? Do you feel like no matter how much product you add to your hair, it’s still not absorbing? Hair steaming can help your hair. Below we have listed some hair steaming benefits.

Hair Steaming Is a process where steam from a hand held or bonnet style hair steamer is applied to your hair and scalp. It’s usually done as a hair treatment. Steaming leaves hair feeling and looking softer and more manageable.

Steaming Reduces Breakage by increasing moisture.This is extremely beneficial to low porosity and coarse hair textures. Without moisture hair can not thrive. The same way plants need water to live. 

When steaming you don’t have to use as much product because steam helps products penetrate deeper. HBJ Glam hair care products has two awesome pant based conditioners to get your started.

The Repair my hair Strengthening hair Masque is a Protein infused deep conditioner restores & Strengthens natural, relaxed, transitioning, dry, damaged, overly porous hair types. This moisturizing deep penetrating conditioner is made with Nettle leaf, red palm oil, cinnamon, shea butter, pumpkin seed oil, ginger, yucca, and aloe—all which promote hair growth.

Our Weightless Raspberry Coconut Cream Conditioner is a non heavy conditioner that softens and detangles all hair types. Enriched with raspberry seed which effectively heals and strengthens damaged hair, repairs split ends, and provides shine. This creamy conditioner is light on the oil content with a higher percentage of detangling agents such as coconut oil. Safe for color treated hair.  Leaves hair soft, manageable, and healthier.

 Both of these conditioners can be used as a part of your hair-steaming treatment for maximum absorption.

Steam increases blood flood flow to the scalp which leads to hair growth and reduces dandruffAdd a few drops of Anti Itchy scalp and hair growth oil to your hair and scalp and use it as a pre poo before steaming. This step is extremely beneficial for those dealing with any scalp issues such as dry or itchiness. 

While many salons offer steaming services, hair steaming is something you can also DIY. Add hair steaming once a week to your hair care regimen. Keep in mind that over steaming can damage your hair because it will cause too much moisture which can lead to weakening your hair shaft. 



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